As of today, Obamacare isn’t the most popular government program in the nation. To say the least.

But what have the Republicans proposed? Correct me if I’m wrong but… nothing. Except to cut Medicare, mandate that women have less and less access to contraception, and make sure that women who want an abortion receive a medically-useless transvaginal ultrasound.

I believe that our healthcare needs to be overhauled. Too many people in our county are getting sick and dying from treatable illnesses or drowning in debt to stay alive. And while this is occurring, our Supreme Court is comparing healthcare to broccoli. Are you kidding me?

How about comparing it to how we are all subject to buying car insurance? How is that Constitutional but Obamacare supposedly is not?

I honestly don’t understand people’s hatred for this legislation. I definitely don’t understand people’s hatred for our President.